The AngelMed Guardian System is designed to detect and then alert patients to the early warning signs that may indicate a serious ischemic event. Note that the system has not yet been proven to perform these functions.

Guardian AMSG3 IMD Guardian EXD Guardian Programmer
Implantable device (IMD)
Model AMSG3

Designed to:
  • Detect, analyze, and record crucial heart signal data
  • Vibrate to alert patients of cardiac events
  • Track ST deviations vs. heart rate for up to 6 months
  • Provide strong safety profile with minimal physician training
External device (EXD)
Model EXD-001

Engineered to:
  • Provide additional auditory and visual alerts to patients
  • Transmit vital cardiac information from IMD to Programmer
  • Provide long-range telemetry from implant site
  • Control alerts with silence buttom

Programmer (Physician workstation)
Model Prog-003
Developed to:
  • Program and retreive data from the IMD using the EXD with long-range telemetry
  • Optimize display and analysis of patient data, including ECG signals, histograms, and other statistics
  • Portable, light weight, touchscreen operation
  • Runs in battery mode for up to 2 hours