The ALERTS Clinical Study

Study Overview

The ALERTS study design provided a clinical environment to test the efficacy and safety of the AngelMed Guardian System. ALERTS was the pivotal study that succeeded an earlier Phase One safety study in the US. The ALERTS study was a prospective, randomized multicenter study with FDA approval for 100 centers and 1020 subjects with a high-risk of having a heart attack. Having achieved patient enrollment goals, the study was closed in 2017. The data from ALERTS was subsequently used to obtain FDA approval of the Guardian in April of 2018.

ALERTS Trial Site Locations

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The Guardian was approved by the FDA on April 9th, 2018. The ALERTS Study was closed in 2017.

Learn More About the ALERTS Study

For additional information on the ALERTS clinical study, please visit the Clinical Trials website of the US National Institutes of Health, or contact:

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