The Guardian System See Dr. Alert

When a See Doctor alert occurs, the implanted monitor vibrates in your chest and your Patient Alerting Accessory beeps and also flashes the yellow See Doctor light. The See Doctor alert uses a single repeating beep pattern that is slower than the Emergency alert and beeps once every 7 seconds.


Responding to a See Doctor Alert

The See Doctor alert is a less urgent warning. It indicates the Guardian has detected a condition that your doctor should be evaluate, but does not require emergent attention. Of course, if you have heart attack symptoms at the same time as the See Doctor alert then you should still call 911.

If you receive a See Doctor alert, you should:

Call your doctor within the next one to two days and make an appointment to see him or her to get the alert evaluated.

Look at the back of your Patient Alerting Accessory and follow any instructions written on the label.

Silence the See Doctor alert using your patient alerting accessory.

To do this, place the Patient Alerting Accessory over your Implanted monitor and press the “stop-alerting” button. 

Take your Patient Alerting Accessory with you to your appointment.