AngelMed Guardian Programmer

Model PROG-003


Do not use any AC adapter other than the one supplied with your Programmer. Use of another adapter can damage the Programmer and result in personal injury or property damage.



  • Keep liquid out of the interior of the Programmer and EXD. Never spray liquid directly onto them.
  • Do not open the Programmer housing. Doing so would expose internal electronic components, which can damage the Programmer. Contact your AngelMed representative if you need assistance with your Programmer.
  • Do not use accessories or cables with the Programmer other than those listed in Components and Accessories on page 41 of the AngelMed Guardian Progemmer User’s Guide. Using other cables or accessories may result in increased emissions or decreased immunity of the Programmer.
  •  The Programmer is intended for use by healthcare professionals. Although it complies with the limits for medical devices contained in IEC/EN 60601-1-2:2007, the Programmer may cause radio interference or may disrupt the operation of nearby equipment. It may be necessary to mitigate this effect by reorienting or relocating the receiving device or shielding the location.
  • Do not use generic USB flash drives or the flash drive of another Programmer. A Programmer can only use the flash drive it was shipped with or its replacement from Angel Medical Systems.
  • The touchscreen only operates with the stylus or your fingers. Use of other devices can damage or destroy your touchscreen.
  • Generally, you should not use the Power On/Off button to shut-down the Programmer because you may lose Programmer data. Instead, select Administration → Shutdown from the main Programmer window. Use the Power On/Off button only as a last resort, if the Programmer becomes unresponsive.
  • The EXD uses a custom battery supplied by Angel Medical Systems. Use of any other battery may damage the EXD or cause it to fail. Although “AA” sized batteries will fit in the battery compartment, only the battery supplied by Angel Medical Systems allows proper functioning of the EXD.
  • Always secure the EXD to the cable using the thumb screws. Failure to do so can allow the EXD cable to become disconnected during a communication session with the IMD.
  • Always secure the EXD cable to the Programmer using the thumb screws. Failure to do so can allow the EXD cable to become disconnected during a communication session with the IMD.

Safety Notes

  • Do not store batteries completely charged or discharged for long time periods (≈6 mo); doing so can degrade battery life. For this purpose, discharge or charge batteries to between 40% and 60% of capacity prior to storage. Use the on-battery charge indicator described on page 19 to determine the charge level.
  • To avoid a deep discharge state, be sure to recharge a completely discharged battery as soon as possible. The internal controller on each battery continues to use battery power even on discharged batteries. This can lead to a deep discharge condition and cause lengthy recharge times.
  • The Programmer is designed to meet IP65 class specifications. These specifications are met only if all connector covers are mounted and both batteries are inserted and locked.
  • When using the optional keyboard and mouse, plug the keyboard into either USB port on the Programmer and the mouse into the USB port on the keyboard.